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quality assurance report - shopify platform

quality assurance report - shopify platform

  • Validate + Improve Your Hard Work
  • Site Design, UX + Admin Checks
  • Recommendations + Easy Actionables
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Have you built your own website from the ground up but need a professional, constructive opinion? 

This personalised report will give you the confidence to validate and improve your site both front and back, increasing your chances of conversion. 

Within 1-2 days you receive a report packed with highly detailed observations, recommendations and actionables that are catered specifically to your website, covering your admin, storefront design, SEO and site-wide accessibility. 

Your QA Report will check:

  • Storefront design aesthetic for conversion
  • Basic Shopify-based SEO effectiveness
  • Overall site responsiveness including link tests and domain connectivity
  • Accessibility of site with a focus on UX and colour contrast
  • Settings configuration
  • Page customisation
  • Surface-level copywriting
  • Efficiency of product/collection organisation
  • and more!

The following are things not included in this report - if you need assistance with these, Book a Free Consultation with me.

  • Editing or enacting changes anywhere in your site
  • Checking copywriting grammar/punctuation on product descriptions and other long-form content
  • Making recommendations relating to tax or legal documents (ie Terms & Conditions) - if you need help with this, consult a financial or legal professional


- 10 to 16 pages*

- Receive your report within 1-2 business days

- A4, PDF document sent via email

* this is the average number of pages - your final page number will depend on the complexity of your website and observations

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Last updated: June 2024

By purchasing a Quality Assurance Report - Shopify Platform you are confirming that your website is hosted on the Shopify platform.

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first impressions from a web designer

site-wide tests, actionables and recommendations

colour contrast results for improving accessibility

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