Spot the Scam!

Rhea duFresne-Mann
Spot the Scam!
Regardless of what you end up doing on the internet, you are bound to get scam emails at least once. These are also called phishing emails 🚨⁠

Shopify and other e-commerce platforms are the same, and here I hope to educate you in the tell-tale differences between a legitimate email from Shopify, and a scam email 🦠⁠

1. Always check the sender email. If an email is from Shopify, it will most likely have the email suffix If it has anything else, be alert! 👀⁠

2. Pay close attention to the punctuation and phrasing in the email. All emails are checked for grammar before sending so there shouldn’t be any glaringly obvious errors or strange phrasing 🤔⁠

3. If you are not 100% convinced the email is from Shopify, do not click any links or buttons or download content. If it’s spam, it could lead you to a fishy website that might take your personal details 😱⁠

For all spam emails, forward them to so their dedicated team can file and research the scam.⁠

Please note that this is not always fool-proof and if you have any doubts, don’t interact with the email and notify Shopify support! For more information, visit⁠
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