Everywhere you turn, there are new and exciting New Zealand businesses springing up.

Clothing, decor, toys, art, furniture, accessories, you name it - Kiwi’s have got it! But there is only so far you can get on an aesthetically pleasing social media page...

To put it plainly, e-commerce is the future of shopping. Especially in these trying times, more and more people are looking to the internet to buy their products. Your customers are most likely used to the independent, beautiful yet professional websites of larger companies, where they can browse their products with ease and tantalisation. Who’s to say you can’t have this too?

I was a Customer Success Representative for Shopify, an e-commerce giant built by a group of eccentric Canadians. As a Guru, I spoke with merchants from across the globe and assisted them with the creation, maintenance and expansion of their online businesses. Some were enormous corporations that were taking over the world, and others were passionate little businesses just starting out - just like you!

But I always felt like there was more I could be doing for these people. Instead of pointing them in the direction of the nearest help doc, it would have been so much more helpful and effortless for me to complete the tasks on their behalf. You small business-owners are busy people remember?

Some of you are working solo; designing, producing, managing and marketing your entire business. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or technical know-how to migrate your shop to an independent, online platform. 

This is where I come in. Allow me take the weight off your back, and show the world-wide-web what gems you have to offer!

Let’s have a conversation - regardless of if you want to start an online store from scratch, or if you just need some tweaks done on your existing one, I got you.