Product Description - Undi's

Skater Boy-Leg Undi's

Everyone needs that one good treat-yo-self day, but honestly, why don’t you just treat yourself every day? So cutie up that patootie with our Gamer Boy-Leg Undi’s, made from unique, funky fabrics that show your body just how much you love it!

Our Undi’s are crafted from soft cotton and spandex, and the patterns are hand-picked to create something truly unique. They’re also high-waisted to fit any figure. 

You could almost wear them as pants…almost!


Yo-Girl Leggies

You are so unique, so why not also make your behind…one-of-a-kind? Make a statement with your new loud and proud Yo-Girl Leggies, and feel like a goddess while doing so!

The high-waist cut keeps you snug and secure, so you can master that headstand with ease. The breathable mix of cotton and spandex allows you to move your body freely, and without feeling like a sauna.

Now, go hit that gym! Or yoga class. Or coffee shop. Which ever takes your fancy.


Yours N Theirs Undi's

Movie tickets. Diamond rings. Matching underwear. Nothing says “I love you” more than that!

It’s like your own little secret, but  one you get to share. Undies should be supportive, comforting and interesting - just like your partner.

Made from the most colourful cotton and spandex, our Yours N Theirs Undi’s are the best addition to any night in. 

Plus-one not included.


* descriptions have been written for fictional products and brands

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