SHEiLD - Shopify Online Store Build

SHEiLD - Shopify Online Store Build

brand-new site build / full storefront design / shopify-based seo

I was tasked by Trudy and Blair in late 2022 to build an eye-catching and unique website for their new line of specialty, local wines - SHEiLD. Trudy is the master winemaker, Blair the trusty salesman and fellow wine-lover.

The first thing that struck me with inspiration was the name SHEiLD, after Trudy's own last name. I remember sitting down at a cafe having our first (of many) coffee meetings, and getting more and more excited about the job ahead as Trudy described how the design of the name itself is inspired by her father, who always spelt their surname with capitals, minus the lower-case 'i'. This conveniently-placed letter also made the word 'SHE' stand out, which was music to our feminist ears!

Trudy showed me the designs of the bottles, showcasing beautiful full pastel colours for each of the 6 wine varieties. I was hooked on those colours from the get go, and made it my mission to ensure they took centre-stage in the finished website. I took care to only test out Shopify themes that had the in-depth colour palette options I needed to make the website pop with the pastels of the wine labels. Each of the product pages have their own background colour corresponding with the colour of their label.

The theme chosen was the enthusiastic Shapes theme, which sports unique badges and image/section frames in a variety of shapes - making for a light-hearted, fun design.

One of the features of Shapes, is an interesting slider section (see featured image) which I immediately knew could be a quirky way of visually showing the different characteristics of the wines, in a way that was accessible to both seasoned wine connoisseurs and new or casual consumers. I worked closely with Trudy to make these 'wine bars' come to life in a way that was as accurate as possible, while keeping it visually appealing.

We wanted to pack as much useful information as possible onto the product pages, without it being too clunky. I made use of the ingredients section on the product page to enter in that critical wine data regarding alcohol content and tannins, and opted for some simple collapsible rows for the spectacular wine reviews that were rolling in for SHEiLD.

The build was by far one of the most gratifyingly enjoyable designs I have created to date. Thanks Trudy and Blair for your trust in my abilities to bring your site to life!

35 Hours of Work / Shapes Theme / Shopify Platform

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