Kismet and Co - Shopify Revamp

Kismet and Co - Shopify Revamp

storefront redesign / back-end organisation / focus on functionality

Kezia from Kismet & Co approached me in February of 2022 as she needed help with her existing website hosted on the Shopify platform. A prolific knitter and fellow Mum, she creates bespoke hand-knits for babies and children. Up until recently she had operated on a very small scale and was able to carry the workload on her own. But since Kismet & Co gained more and more popularity, she branched out into hiring a team of talented knitters all the way over in Peru to assist her with making her newest collection, AW22.

She adored her branding, but wasn't feeling the same love for her website as it lacked vital components required to get the most out of the new collection, which she also needed some assistance with uploading. Since the collection was to be launched in a few months, we had to get cracking!

The first step to upgrading her website was to choose a new theme. Kezia's existing theme was still running on the old version of Online Store, and as a result was slowing down and didn't offer any of the new features she needed. To help keep costs down, we decided to go with the versatile, Shopify-made free theme, Dawn - the flagship theme for their new Online Store 2.0 system.

Taking the soft colour palette of her existing theme as inspiration, I experimented with the different shades of her newest collection to inject into the new site - coffee browns, soft beiges, dusty pinks, powder blues. We didn't want to gender the site, so to speak, so I took care to balance the colour palette to remain as neutral as possible, considering her target market is families of children of all genders. 

The typography of the existing theme was a big focus of mine, as the thin, almost scratchy design and kerning of the existing font didn't exactly scream soft baby cuddles. I opted for the much lighter, more open fonts of Karla Bold and Quicksand to help achieve our goal.

A huge part of why Kezia needed to re-do her online store is because she wanted to incorporate a detailed filtering system, to allow her customers to change their collection view based on product attributes such as colour and size as they browse through her new AW22 collection. Within Online Store 2.0, the Shopify developers has introduced a much less complex way to set up unique filters based on product variants - making this task a lot more efficient!

Something really important to Kezia was showcasing her incredible team of Peruvian knitters. They had sent over headshots of everyone on the team, as well as little quotes on how they got started knitting. We decided to have a whole page on the new theme dedicated solely to the team, so customers can read all about who was creating their children's knits. Having personal transparency like this really helps to build customer trust.

20 Hours of Work / Dawn Theme / Shopify Platform

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